RHA backs SNP fuel duty regulator

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MPs should back the Scottish National Party’s proposal for a fuel duty regulator when it is debated in the House of Commons next Wednesday (2nd July 2008), says the Road Haulage Association.

Phil Flanders, Scotland director of RHA, said: “UK hauliers are struggling as never before to cope with continually rising fuel prices.”

Some have already ceased trading and others are in the process on cutting back the number of vehicles they operate, so if nothing is done to alleviate the problem many hauliers will not survive, he added.

Flanders also said that as prices are changing so rapidly it is proving increasingly difficult to offer advanced prices and it is not always possible to pass any additional costs on to customers as they too are struggling.

Stewart Hosie MP, who will be introducing the amendment next week, said: “Support for a regulator is mounting outside parliament and we must now secure support in parliament.

“While the Treasury rakes in billions from North Sea Oil revenues, Scottish industry is suffering. It is ridiculous that in an oil rich country key sectors are struggling to fill their tanks.

“Gordon Brown cannot continue to sit idly by while fuel costs cripple the Scottish economy and lifeline services.  Thanks to Scotland’s oil, the UK Government has the resources to step in and lend a hand.  All that is missing is the political will.”

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