Refrigeration monitoring for warehouses

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Next Control Systems, the refrigeration monitoring company, has developed a system for the wholesale sector of the pharmaceutical industry, designed to protect and regulate temperature-sensitive medication in warehouses.

Tutela has been approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and is designed to automatically monitor refrigerated stock every 15 minutes or more often if required, to ensure conditions are ideal.

In the UK alone it has been reported that the health service has thrown away more than 800 tonnes of medication worth an estimated £202 million as it has not been stored to the required standards and is therefore rendered unfit.

The system has been designed to meet all current and anticipated legal requirements for record keeping and is able to sense temperature, humidity, pressure, energy, and liquid and gas levels.

All jobs are monitored around the clock from the fully-manned Tutela Alarm Call Centre and run on either GPRS or Ethernet connections, which shouldn’t interfere with any other on-site applications.

Tutela already exists for the food industry and exceeds the requirements of the European Food and Critical Health Product temperature storage regulations.

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