Hyster launches warehouse simulator

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Hyster has launched a new generation of 3D simulation software following a significant investment to deliver a realistic virtual tool to assist logistics firms with their planning and the decision making process, to minimise capital risk.

Robert O’Donoghue, general manager for Hyster’s Warehouse Products, says: “Simulation is not an exact science, however it can provide a realistic indication of the viability of various fleet options. Warehouse managers will be able to consider different fleet mix scenarios and develop a good idea of potential pallet throughputs and related costs.”

A Hyster warehouse expert will work with a customer to input all the relevant data for their operation. Key data will include the normal arrival and dispatch patterns with estimations of the minimum, average and maximum number of pallets per load. The expert will also require data on the size of the warehouse, racking dimensions, and the number of loading and unloading bays. Using this data he can then develop scenarios based on varying the number and types of materials handling equipment.

Hyster has invested in developing the software with Incontrol Simulation Software. Each simulation takes into account details of the warehouse operation including:

* Battery discharge, re-charging, changing times and rates.

* Dwell and radio data terminal access times.

*Operator shift patterns, break times and ability/permission to drive certain truck types.

* Creep speed when forks are lifted.

* The degree of truck slow down when cornering or when near another truck.

The programme can also simulate a variety of order picking methods and will show in clear graphical form where and when congestion occurs.

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