Audit finds 3,000 driving offences on 12,000 CV licences

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An audit of 12,000 commercial vehicles driver’s licences by Descartes has identified more than 3,000 driving offences.

Descartes carried out the audit on behalf of a number of clients. It found that 2.5 per cent had expired licences or were perilously close to losing their licences. A total of 15 per cent of the drivers had speeding violations.

It said that electronic driving licence verification services such as Descartes SmartLicence, could help commercial vehicle operators rapidly assess their driver risk profile both today and keep them up-to-date with their drivers’ licence statuses on an on-going basis.

Head of marketing Andrew Tavener said: “This audit is indicative of the risks to which operators would otherwise, unknowingly, have been exposed. Yet, now, with up to date, accurate information, a company can rapidly assess the level of risk it is carrying based on data from the DVLA and the potential impact on insurance. For those drivers with more points and therefore a greater risk profile, the company can instigate more frequent checks, with the goal of ensuring compliance is maintained at all times.”

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