AV Dawson in £1m lift truck deal

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AV Dawson has taken delivery of five heavy-duty lift trucks at its 150 acre Lackenby site, near Middlesbrough as part of a £1 million pound deal with Cooper.

In total Dawson moves around 24,000 tonnes of steel per week at the site – one of two facilities that serve the Tata steel plant. The sections are loaded onto trucks before being moved to the nearby docks or onto the road network. The site operates 24/7, six days a week and the steel needs to keep moving so reliability is a primary concern.

The SMV Konecrane trucks have been modified to meet the demands of moving 29-30ft steel sections in a tough environment close to the massive Tata works. They have each been upgraded to withstand the extra tension and pressure of the steel loads while the overall reliability offered by the Konecranes equipment proved a key factor in securing the contract. They are also equipped to sense the load and adapt the lifting power to the weight of the load. The trucks provide maximum power only when needed, so it consumes less fuel while reducing emissions and noise.

The trucks supplied by Cooper are constructed with a rigid box-section chassis and load sensing hydraulic system which provides a safe, study platform and additional lifting strength – making them the ideal work-horse in heavy industries.

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