BIFA to put forward surveys for trailblazer qualifications

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BIFA is planning to survey members to identify what they want from training and education in the logistics sector. There will be three surveys in total – the first, about apprenticeships, is online now and designed to find out ‘whether there is sufficient demand for it to develop and establish apprenticeship standards for freight forwarders.”

Another survey would identify whether companies are prepared to train individuals for a non-mandatory qualification.

“While we already offer mandatory training on things like dangerous goods and air cargo security, we believe there is a need to take things a step further with a recognised standard,” said Robert Keen, director general of BIFA. “Here, the UK government has tasked employer-led groups (Trailblazers) to work together to rewrite the apprenticeship standards with the intention that all current frameworks will be removed over the coming year or two and replaced with the new standards.”

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