BITA Academy becomes F-TEC

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The BITA Academy, which delivers apprenticeships in materials handling equipment engineering, is changing its name to F-TEC (Forklift Training Engineering Centre).

Karl Baum, a director of F-TEC, said: “We feel that the name F-TEC better reflects our broad remit to serve the interests of both BITA and the Forklift Truck Association – both of whom are founding partners in F-TEC.”

F-TEC is also opening a dedicated lift truck engineer training centre in Swindon in July.

The 5,000 sq ft facility features lecture theatres and a workshop area, where apprentices will gain practical experience across a broad range of forklift brands and model types while established engineers will be taught the specific new skills required by their employers.

Operations director Tiffany Jenkins. “We now have our own full-time team of training personnel which ensures that all apprentices that pass through our Swindon Training Centre receive the same uniformly high standard of education and are perfectly prepared to enter the industry, while those more mature engineers can upgrade their skill sets by attending bespoke training courses overseen by experts that meet the changing mechanical demands of the industry.”

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