BITA and RTITB in training collaboration

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The British Industrial Truck Association has launched a collaboration with the RTITB aimed at raising the standards of fork lift truck training in the UK.

The three key aims are:

* Raising awareness of the logistics sector among a younger audience and promoting it as an attractive career path

* Harnessing current and emerging technology to ensure accessibility to training for the modern technology driven audience

* Promoting and supporting high standards of training and safety to minimise risk and accidents involving workplace transport

BITA secretary general James Clark said: “BITA aims to support the industry in creating a younger highly trained workforce capable of competing at a global level and we view the RTITB as the ideal partner to help us achieve this.”

And Laura Nelson, managing director of RTITB, said: “We will be working with James and his team to continually promote and support high standards of forklift truck training in order to dramatically reduce incidents and their severity in the ubiquitous world of fork lift use.”

BITA and RTITB expect to release details in the near future about the form the training will take.

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