Brexit briefing

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Latest information on the Brexit process and target dates for the next steps…

UK Government Guidance
24th September: The UK government has published a series of technical papers on Brexit – click here to see them.

The European Commission has published about 70 preparedness notices – click here to see them.

18th October 2018: European Council meeting
This is the target date for agreement of the withdrawal treaty and an outline of a future free trade agreement.

January – February 2019: Ratification of withdrawal treaty
The hope is that the withdrawal treaty can be ratified by both the UK and EU a month or two ahead of exit day.

29th March: Exit Day
UK membership of the European Union will end unless both sides agree to an extension. Assuming there is an agreement, the UK will then start a transition period during which it will continue to have free access to EU markets.
Without a deal, the UK will leave the EU immediately without a transition period (the so-called “Hard Brexit”).

31st December 2020: End of Transition Period
The intention is that a free trade deal is agreed between the UK and EU which would come into force as soon as the transition period ends.

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