Brexit is top cause of supply chain disruption

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Half of UK business decision-makers believe Brexit uncertainty has negatively impact their supply chains over the past five years, according to a study by Vuealta.

In comparison, 22 per cent had suffered from supply chain disruption due to a cyber-attack, and 19 per cent from a natural disaster.

Other factors said to have caused a negative impact were through the failure of a single supplier (30 per cent) and spikes in demand overstretching supply chain capacity (28 per cent). The report also found that a fifth of respondents thought customers would feel the impact of a supply chain failure within a day, giving them little time to fix issues when they arise.

“UK businesses want to grow, yet they’re at risk of seeing critical supply chains and logistics disrupted by events outside of their control. They know they can’t control the weather for example, or what may or may not happen over Brexit, so it’s clear they need to focus on what they can manage. That means planning for all eventualities and being able to respond in real time” said Ian Stone, chief executive of Vuealta.

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