Sunday 19th Nov 2017 - Logistics Manager

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Lorries pay for almost all road maintenance

Heavy goods vehicles alone pay enough tax  to cover almost the whole of UK spending on road maintenance, research by the Freight Transport Association has revealed ahead of the budget on 22nd November.

RHA outrage at Khan’s ULEZ plan

The Road Haulage Association has express outrage London mayor Sadiq Khan’s plan to start the Ultra Low Emission Zone seventeen months earlier than planned.

FTA alarmed by ULEZ early launch

The FTA has said it is concerned about the Mayor of London’s decision to introduce the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) 17 months earlier than originally planned.

London ULEZ to start in April 2019

The London ultra-low emission zone will come into operation in on 8th April 2019 covering the central London area and replacing the recently introduced in T-Charge.

200,000 pallets will burn on Bonfire Night

About 200,000 pallets will be burned on bonfires on Guy Fawkes night, costing businesses about £2m. Not surprisingly, pallet suppliers are urging people to save pallets from the fires.

FTA wants industry to talk about poor rest facilities

The FTA has called for evidence from road users to “help highlight the inconsistency in standards of rest facilities available to use across the country.” This comes after the Government decided HGV drivers are to be fined by DVSA if they take their full weekly rest break inside their cabs.

Miebach’s UK expansion “especially useful” after Brexit

Scania appeals against €880m fine

Scania is to appeal against the €880 million fine imposed by the European Union saying it “strongly contests all the findings and allegations” of participation in a commercial vehicle cartel.