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Brexit will hit UK harder than EU

The UK will be hit harder by Brexit than the European Union, a study by the International Monetary Fund has concluded. Among the EU members, Ireland is likely to hardest hit by Brexit because it has the most exposure to the UK economy. The Netherlands and Belgium are also likely to suffer disproportionally from Brexit, […]

EU members must step up Brexit preparations

The European Union has called on member states to step up preparations for Brexit in an advisory document, warning that, the UK’s withdrawal will undoubtedly cause disruption – for example in business supply chains – whether or not there is a deal.

Border friction will drive up cost of butter and cheese

The availability of butter, yoghurts and cheese could become restricted after the UK leaves the European Union, according to dairy giant Arla Foods which has commissioned a study by the London School of Economics to look at the impact.

Food supply issues threaten UK post-Brexit, says BRC

The British Retail Consortium has written to prime minster Theresa May and European Union chief brexit negotiator Michel Barnier regarding the potential consequences threatening to damage the UK economy if an agreement that protects the free flow of good is not reached.

Top priorities for hauliers post-Brexit

Brexit: “This is a worrying time,” says RHA

Road Haulage Association chief executive Richard Burnett has described the 194 working days left until the UK formally leaves the EU as a “worrying time,” arguing that for “the thousands of UK hauliers facing a nail-biting time, indecision and placatory words are not good enough.”

Airbus would need €1bn buffer stock after no-deal Brexit

Airbus has warned that a no-deal Brexit could force it out of the UK, saying that production would be severely disrupted and it would have to hold an additional €1 billion worth of buffer stock – not taking into account lead time and logistics disruptions.

Logistics industry needs the tools to keep Britain trading

The FTA has stressed that the logistics industry needs “a clear road map” with crucial information to keep trade moving efficiently post-Brexit, or the UK will face delays and shortages of the products and services it relies on.