Ceva cuts transit times for US LCL exports

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Ceva Logistics has changed to its US LCL export system so that it can cut up to 14 days from the total transit times offered by other operators.

It has nearly doubled its own Container Freight Stations network, from 26 to 48 locations, replacing a number of outsourced locations. It has also switched collections from shippers, and freight transfers to its own stations at the ports of loading, to its own road vehicle operation, Ceva Ground.

As a result, Ceva now has total control over all LCL freight shipments from their origin in any US zip code, to its loading facilities at the ports of New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

Combined with Ceva’s use of road transport instead of the industry norm of rail, Ceva is now cutting 14 days from New York-Shanghai transit times, 8 days from Atlanta-Singapore, 7 days from Los Angeles-Santos and an average 7 days from all its global LCL destinations.

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