Clean Logistics receives new orders for 10 zero-emission trucks

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German manufacturer of carbon-neutral vehicles, Clean Logistics, has completed contracts to supply seven of its trucks to partners of the H2 logistics hub in Neumünster, Northern Germany, and an additional three to Bavarian haulage company Hans Wormser AG.

Clean Logistics develops its trucks by converting diesel-powered semi-trailers into hydrogen-powered vehicles, replacing traditional combustion engines with electric fuel cells.

The company claims that its ‘Fyuriant’ model of hydrogen-fuelled trucks are responsible for no CO2 emissions during operation.

Dirk Graszt, Chief Executive of Clean Logistics said: “With the hydrogen initiative in
Neumünster, we are taking a major step and contribute to the development and
establishment of a hydrogen-based transport hub with a role model character in

He believes that demand for zero-emission haulage vehicles will only grow in the future adding: “In the coming months, our zero-emission vehicles will be seen increasingly often in the day-to-day business of haulage companies on the roads in Germany.”

The trucks are set to be delivered in the first half of 2023.

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