Covid-19 puts globalisation at risk, say supply chain professionals

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Seven-in-ten supply chain professionals believe that global supply chains have been changed on a “lasting basis” by Covid-19, with six-in-ten believing that globalisation is at risk.

A global survey by Bolloré Logistics and Transport Intelligence, which was conducted in July and August 2020, found that 72% of the 422 supply chain professionals (including shippers, service providers and financial institutions) believed that the pandemic will change the global supply chain on a “lasting basis”.

It also found that 31% believed that remoteness of supply chain areas could be reconsidered and that 61% believed that Covid-19 would change globalisation as a business model.

Thierry Ehrenbogen, Chief Executive of Bolloré Logistics, said: “To control risks as part of the new situation created by the global pandemic, we are harnessing our capacity for resilience to foster the competitiveness of our customers internationally and to ensure supply-chain continuity.”

The survey also found that the pandemic had accelerated some supply chain trends, with 76% agreeing that real-time visibility of goods flows had become more important; 64% cited an introduction of greater supply chain planning flexibility and 67% singling out sustainable development.

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