Crown launches multi-purpose lift truck range

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Crown has launched a new range of multi-purpose lift trucks, the MPC 3000 Series. Crown says these trucks combine the benefits of an order picker and a counterbalance truck.

The trucks are capable of travelling at up to 12.5 km/h and lifting 1,200 kg to a height of 4.3 metres.

A counterbalanced design means the trucks have no load arms, so they can work in close proximity to machinery, sandwich-stack 4-way pallets, and manoeuvre in tight or congested areas with unhampered efficiency and safety.

The high-lift masts, making them suitable for order picking, put-away, long-distance transport, replenishment and sandwich stacking.

The trucks have already been subjected to on-site testing at Roto Frank Bauelemente in Bad Mergentheim, Germany. Christoph Grüter, head of logistics, said: “With a sturdy duplex mast capable of lifting loads to a full 4.3 metres plus a compact design with no intrusive load arms, these trucks are working in our warehouse as versatile all-rounders. The MPC 3000’s amazing agility and exceptionally high lift speeds have made a very positive impression.”

The nested I-beam mast construction, plus clear-view fork carriage and overhead guard, means operators have an almost unobstructed field of vision forwards and upwards, so they can position forks and loads quickly, precisely and safely.

The MPC 3000 Series is available with a non-telescopic mast (1780 mm lift height), a simplex mast (4200 mm) or a duplex mast (4300 mm).

Other features include solid steel construction, AC traction motor, and Access 123, e-GEN braking and electronic steering. The truck automatically adjusts its cornering speed and acceleration according to the steer wheel angle, fork height and load weight.

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