Cutting edge technology is no match for cutting edge thinking

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A pineapple fresh from the bush is something special but it’s a treat that is too costly for most in Europe.

Malory Davies, Editor.

But the rapid development of logistics technology means that could change in the not too distant future.

Picture your freshly picked pineapple being loaded into one of Richard Branson’s hyperloop containers fresh from the field in Costa Rica then shot through the tunnel at 670 miles an hour arriving in Europe just in time to be loaded by robot into one of Amazon’s flying warehouses. From there a drone will glide down to deliver the pineapple to your hands just hours after it was picked.

Fanciful? Of course it is, but the fact that such technologies are being actively pursued says much about the importance of supply chain and logistics in our increasingly interconnected world.

However, building a better supply chain is not just about cutting edge technology. Having spent several days listening to presentations from entrants in the Supply Chain Excellence Awards, I can testify to the fact that cutting edge thinking is even more important.

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, the Awards judges have seen more than 60 presentations from some of the world’s leading manufacturers and retailers – and it is clear that the standard of the entries is higher than ever.

I am always struck by the innovative thinking, enthusiasm and commitment that is displayed in the presentations. And, as the judging process moves into its final stages, it is clear that it is going to be tough to pick a winner.

Who will win? All will be revealed at the Awards Dinner which takes place on 14th November. I hope you can join us in celebrating true supply chain excellence.

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