Daimler trials automatic truck payments system

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Daimler Trucks is trialling technology that will give a truck its own digital identity allowing it to make automatic payments, for example at electric charging stations.

It has developed a digital Truck-ID system and associated Truck Wallet.

Trucks can identify themselves to other machines using their Truck-ID as if they had their own integrated ID card and can thus provide a unique signature for specific processes.

The Truck Wallet works as a platform technology and central user programme for all applications which can access the Truck-ID for various purposes.

Dr Helge Königs, head of the Truck Wallet project, said: “With Truck-ID and Truck Wallet, we have laid the foundation for autonomous interaction between trucks and other machines – a true technological milestone.

“Our aim is that, in future, trucks will be able to act on their own behalf in various fields of application. Drivers can then concentrate more on their actual driving tasks and haulage firms benefit from a significant reduction in administration work and more secure processes. This renders it practically impossible to carry out such things as fuel card scams whereby criminals copy a fuel card and spy on the PIN number being entered.”

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