Denholm merges warehousing and transport businesses

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Denholm Logistics is merging of two of its businesses, Denholm Transport and Denholm Handling, to create Denholm UK Logistics.

Denholm Handling specialises in warehousing, terminal management and distribution services, while Denholm Transport is a container and general cargo transport business.

Denholm Logistics managing director Niall Denholm said: “I’m pleased that Martin Hall has agreed to lead the merged businesses going forward. He is currently managing director of Denholm UK Logistics, which was renamed in April from Denholm Handling in anticipation of the merger. Under Martin Hall’s leadership, the business has developed a port-centric warehousing solution that has not only delivered cost savings in our customers’ supply chains but has also increased the speed with which our customers’ products arrive at their final destination. We now operate 1.4 million square feet of port-centric warehousing throughout the UK.

“We have also been investing in our transport business. We have expanded our owned vehicle fleet and installed the latest transport management technology and we now complete over 120,000 UK container transport moves for our customers each year. As a result of the investment in our transport and warehousing infrastructures and the synergies between them, it is the right time to combine both businesses.”

The proposed merger is scheduled to be completed by 1st July.

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