Drivers still being attacked daily at Calais, says RHA

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Drivers are still being attacked on a daily basis by people traffickers at Calais, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett warned as he called for more effective action from the British and French governments.

“We get regular reports of traffickers throwing rocks, putting boulders in the road – even lying in the road so that the vehicles have no alternative but to stop,” he said.

“This is a humanitarian issue and neither the French nor the British governments are doing enough. It’s also a humanitarian issue for the drivers who just want to do their job in safety but they still face violence and intimidation on a daily basis. It’s not what they signed up for.

“The British government needs to be influencing its French counterparts. The British government at the moment is like a revolving door in terms of the number of immigration ministers we have worked with during the past few years. It’s difficult to build relationships, to influence, to make the necessary changes.”

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