DVSA to crack down on emission cheats

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The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is to launch roadside checks in August in a crack-down on operators and drivers using cheat devices to get round emissions legislation.

Common cheats include:

  • using devices designed to stop emissions control systems from working
  • removing the diesel particulate filter or trap
  • using cheap, fake emission reduction devices or diesel exhaust fluid
  • using illegal engine modifications which result in excessive emissions
  • removing or bypassing the exhaust gas recirculation valve.

The DVSA will force the driver and operator to have the emissions system fixed within ten days. Failure to comply risks a fine and immediate immobilisation. For repeat or more serious incidents of emissions fraud or tampering, the DVSA will take the vehicle off the road immediately, in addition to levying a fine.

The agency will also investigate any GB operators caught cheating emissions and pass its findings to the Traffic Commissioners.

Transport minister Jesse Norman said: “I welcome this crackdown on rogue hauliers who cheat the system by installing bogus devices which lead to increased pollution. There has rightly been a huge public outcry against car manufacturers that have been cheating emissions standards, and the same rule should apply here too.”

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