EU funds collaborative cloud project for logistics industry

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The European Union has invested €16.2million in the AOELIX project – a cloud-based collaborative logistics system that could see different parts of the industry accessing, exchanging and using its information. The project will to enable shippers, transport companies, warehousing firms, retailers and customers to access the same information – with the aim of ‘revolutionising the transportation of goods across Europe’.

University of Northampton, which is developing the project alongside a number of other organisations, said that ‘the logistics sector across the continent is very fragmented, with little collaboration between the organisations involved. It said that an improvement in communication would open up huge potential for more efficient and sustainable pan-continental logistics.

“The AOELIX digital business ecosystem will create visibility across the supply chain, enabling more sustainable and efficient transport of goods across Europe,” said Liam Fassam, senior lecturer in supply chain management and project lead for the university.

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