‘Fantastic, focused and fit for the future’: what visitors have to say about IntraLogisteX

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With just 15 days to go until IntraLogisteX – the only intralogistics and materials handling show to take place in the UK in 2020 – takes place at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, on 1st and 2nd October we find out why visitors describe the show as a fantastic, focused and full of future suppliers.

F is for Feedback: They say to judge someone by the company they keep, and if that is the case IntraLogisteX has recommendations and testimonials galore from logistics operations of all size, shape and scope across the country. So why not take the time to hear about what visitors had to say about IntraLogisteX last year?

Jaguar Land Rover: “It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet and interact with suppliers, understanding the current technological process in logistics.”

XPO Logistics: “An excellent showcase of current and future suppliers to the intralogistics market. Well worth the visit.”

DHL Aviation: “This show ran smoothly, and facilitated a great way to meet and discuss with suppliers, as well as immerse into the new technological developments within the industry.”

Stiller Warehousing & Distribution: “Since first visiting IntraLogisteX, I would definitely not miss it in future. It is a far more relevant show compared to some of the larger shows with lots of repetitive exhibitors.”

Unipart: “There were a lot of exhibitors to look at which assisted in seeing things from a new angle and ultimately allowed me to think of better more innovative ways to make processes around the business more efficient.”

Empiribox: “A fantastic opportunity to network, and experience the new innovations with the logistics industry.”

Hillarys Blinds: “Browsing for ideas on the internet can only show you so much, seeing so many of these ideas under one roof in the flesh, demonstrated by the experts with the ability to ask questions is vital in helping to make the right decision for the business.”

Lear Corporation Coventry: “I was very pleasantly surprised about the depth and breadth of the suppliers who were exhibiting at the event. I made new contacts who I have already followed up with and I expect to be using these new contacts in the future. I have not bothered with events such as these before as I didn’t think I would find anything of interest, however put simply it turned out to be a very beneficial experience that I am sure to attend again, as well as promote them to others.”

Iforce: “A good range of exhibitors with lots of innovative ideas, an excellent showcase for the industry.”

Madison: “Great, focused show with good range of exhibitors relevant to us; well worth it for the time taken out.”

The A to Z of IntraLogisteX continues its countdown every day until the doors of the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, open for the show to take place on 1st and 2nd October. E is for exhibitors… while D is for Demonstrations at IntraLogisteX 2020.

There’s Plenty to C at IntraLogisteX 2020 while IntraLogisteX is the place to B and there is Many ‘A’ reason to attend IntraLogisteX 2020.

Registration of IntraLogisteX 2020 is open today, so don’t miss out! And come back to logisticsmanager.com every day for the full A to Z guide to the only intralogistics and materials handling exhibition to take place in the UK in 2020.

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