FedEx orders 50 Cessna feeder aircraft

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FedEx Express is to buy 50 Cessna SkyCourier 408 aircraft, with options to purchase up to 50 more.

The aircraft which have a payload of 6,000lb, are part of a modernisation plan for the FedEx feeder fleet.

Delivery of the first aircraft is expected in mid-2020, with subsequent deliveries on a schedule of one aircraft per month over a four-year period.

“This continues our very successful fleet modernisation strategy, which improves our fuel efficiency, reliability and operating costs,” said David L Cunningham, president and chief executive.

“We worked closely with Textron Aviation to develop the Cessna SkyCourier 408, which includes several key features that will help us grow our business in small and medium-sized markets, especially in the air freight segment.”

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