Flexi racking relocation system promises to save time and money

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Flexi Warehouse Systems, the warehouse planning and design consultancy services division of Narrow Aisle, is now offering innovative rack reconfiguration technology that enables adjustable pallet racking and sprinkler systems to be extended, remodelled and relocated within a warehouse in  less time and at a lower cost than previously thought possible.

Traditionally, moving racking runs to enable the width of the aisles within a logistics centre to be narrowed or, indeed, widened, has been a labour-intensive process that, in most cases, involves the dismantling and rebuilding of the existing racking system, often resulting in material damage and project delays.

The technology – which has been deployed across hundreds of sites in the United States – allows racking runs to be quickly and safely transported to the required location within the store where, once the structure has been positioned and secured to the floor, it is immediately ready to be restocked.

Flexi provides a guaranteed fixed price, timescale and detailed project plan for each relocation scheme it undertakes – and reckons it can reduce the net cost by 50 per cent.

“Remodelling racking systems to make more space-efficient use of a building’s storage cube has in the past been an expensive process that often involves on-site disruption and lengthy periods of downtime,” said John Maguire, commercial director of Flexi Warehouse Systems.

“Rethinking the racking footprint and employing more space-efficient materials handling systems is one way of ensuring that a building’s storage capacity is maximised,” he said.


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