For return on investment, DistriSort has it ‘sorted’

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DistriSort is the in-house integrator of EuroSort and offers Split Tray, Push Tray, Cross Tray and Push Bar sorting solutions. The company has more than 20 years of experience and over 100 installations in Europe.

“We are really looking forward to seeing everyone face-to-face again and meeting up with customers,” says Kasper Stoffels, Head of Marketing at DistriSort Projects. “There is a huge requirement for automated sorting and we are excited to hearing about the challenges that companies have been facing.”

At IntraLogisteX 2022, visitors will be able to talk to the DistriSort team about their sortation requirements. “As every logistics operation is different, we often see that there is no one-size-fits-all solution,” Stoffels adds. “We have a wide variety of sorting solutions that we can offer as well as peripheral equipment to support the process. We really want to show them where and how our solutions can help them achieve cost savings through automating their sortation process.”

This year is promising to be an exciting one for the company. “As we integrate EuroSort sorters, there are some big developments on the horizon where we can really make a difference for logistic operators,” Stoffels reveals. “EuroSort sorters are already delivering some of the most efficient solutions in the market where customers are getting the most exits in a given footprint, but with a new development there is an option to make the sorters up to 40% shorter. Alternatively, it would allow to fit up to 40% more destinations in a sorter within the given footprint. Next to this there is a bunch of other technology coming that will help make the sortation process more efficient.”

Stoffels explains that the automated sortation market has really had a boost over the past two years, with many companies seeing an increase in the number of online orders, number of packages being shipped, but also in the number of returns. “These are all processes where an automated sorter can really make a big difference. Also, due to the shortages in labour, there will be an increased need to automate operations and be more efficient. For many companies this could mean starting with the picking and sortation process.”

To help here, Stoffels says DistriSort prefers to conduct a return-on-investment calculation. “This is not only to give them an idea on when they can expect an ROI, but also to see if it makes sense to take the step into automating their sortation requirements,” he notes. “For one such customer, we had made the calculation to be roughly 24 months. Once the sorter was installed, the process was optimised and within six months they had already achieved their ROI.”

If you want to see DistriSort’s latest warehouse technology, make sure to register for the UK’s best intralogistics show IntraLogisteX, and see them on stand 416!

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