Fowler Welch automates trailer loading for Mars

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Fowler Welch has added ten automated pallet delivery trailers to its fleet for Mars.

The APD system enables loading or unloading all 26 pallets on the trailer in around one minute.

The trailers work with automated equipment at factories and warehouses to provide efficient delivery and despatch, but can only be used at locations that have the mechanical system to use them.

They were designed in collaboration with Cartwright and with the support of Mars. The refrigerated trailers can be loaded either by Automated Pallet Delivery or by conventional methods such as pallet trucks.

Peter Freemantle, factory logistics controller at Mars said: “By working together with Fowler Welch, we have developed an efficient and sustainable solution, which is completely aligned with our Five Principles, requiring the efficient use of resources and creating a mutual benefit for all.”

John Kerrigan, chief operating officer at Fowler Welch, said: “By listening to our customer throughout the process, we were able to respond and deliver a bespoke solution that is expected to reduce empty running by 252,000 miles per year and show a reduction in carbon emissions of 310,000 kg per year”

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