Freightera creates local sourcing for global supply chains amid coronavirus

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Freightera has opened a “Source Locally Community” for its members, thousands of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in Canada and the United States.

This project to facilitate local sourcing was started in response to the COVID-19 disruption of conventional and global supply chains.

The company realized that many of its customers needed help with sales to keep the doors open.

Eric Beckwitt, Freightera CEO said: “After March 16, we heard from our customers that their suppliers, manufacturers, and customers were shutting down.

“[We] immediately started work on an internal community where our customers could see what products and supplies were still shipping, indicating the company is still in business and has the product for sale.”

On April 1, Freightera received a call from the BC Government’s COVID-19 Supply Hub to purchase medical and essential supplies. The team immediately sent this information to its shipper community.

One of the companies had millions of the coveted N95 masks and is currently working with the government agency to get these supplies to where they are most needed.

Beckwitt concluded: “We wanted to help our customers and tapped an opportunity far beyond our network. There has been a movement around the world towards buying from local businesses and supporting local manufacturing. It reduces shipping costs, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.”

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