FTA calls on French to postpone minimum wage rule

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The Freight Transport Association has called on the French government to postpone a law which means all foreign road workers visiting the country have to carry documents to prove they earn the French minimum wage.

It said the French government had not given full guidance to foreign operators on the reporting requirements to demonstrate compliance – and there was just 15 days to the deadline.

EU affairs manager Chris Yarsley said: “It is unacceptable that the French government has not given industry full information and guidance on these new measures, only days before they come into force. The sector must be given more time to adapt business practices before any enforcement takes place.”

The new law requires the transport company operating in France to submit a ‘posting’ certificate for each worker, which must be renewed every six months. The employer of this mobile worker must also appoint a company representative in France, responsible for liaising with staff of the enforcement body for the duration of the transport operation plus 18 months.

This requirement will be particularly problematic for companies that do not have an office or branch in France. Drivers must keep in their vehicle a copy of their employment contract and the certificate of posting – any breach of the rules will lead to a fine.

“The requirement to keep paper documents on board the vehicle is a step backwards and will lead to documents getting lost as drivers are moved around, said Yarsley. “And who are these ‘representatives’ that are supposed to hold private information on the drivers working on a UK contract? We must be given more information by the authorities.”


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