FTA commits to carbon reduction with government  

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The Freight Transport Association has agreed to support the government’s short-term target of reducing carbon emissions from HGVs by 15 per cent by 2025 against 2015 figures by adopting the target into its existing Logistics Emission Reduction Scheme and adding to its initial target of 7 per cent.

“All sectors of society need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions if we are to avoid the worst effects of climate change.  HGVs and their operators have to play their part in this and significant steps have already been made by the industry to change its behaviours and impact on the environment,” said FTA head of UK policy Christopher Snelling.

However, logistics cannot do this singlehandedly. Operators will need support to continue to keep the UK supplied with the 5 million tonnes of goods it needs every single day to function. The government will need to “support those responsible for moving goods by HGVs to enable them to facilitate the change without undue penalty,” said Snelling.

The government has recognised this and has proposed a series of additional measures to support the logistics industry in its Road to Zero report. The FTA has welcomed the new measures as a step towards the Road to Zero, especially as without governmental support the road for operators would be a very long and unattainable one, said Snelling.

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