FTA demands clarity on road plans

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The freight Transport Association has called on the government to provide clarity on its road improvement priorities, to ensure adequate succession planning for fleet acquisitions and route planning for on-going deliveries.

Responding to publication of the government’s second Road Investment Strategy, the FTA said the report did not contain sufficient information for operators who need to implement business planning and future investment programmes.

Head of road network management policy Malcolm Bingham said: “Although the Road Investment Strategy will set out spending priorities for 2020 onwards, it’s vital to get the approach right at this stage. FTA members want to see more detail included now, to ensure key improvements are not overlooked or removed during the process of decision making.

“We appreciate the government has commissioned strategic studies investigating some of the biggest challenges facing our road network, but those key investment priorities must be pinned-down to give industry the time to prepare for major infrastructure projects. It’s not enough to say roads will be improved – we need to know which ones, and when.”

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