GEODIS collaborates with KNAPP to introduce highly automated order fulfilment technology

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GEODIS and KNAPP have announced a new partnership to introduce a highly automated order fulfilment system for a leading specialty retailer. GEODIS’ US$52 million (£37.5 million) investment will allow it to enhance the specialty retailer’s existing fulfilment facility by leveraging a new design and innovative technology to meet rapidly increasing e-commerce demand.

The modular design developed in partnership with GEODIS and KNAPP – which is planned to begin operations at the facility in August 2022 – will include five mirrored order picking modules. Each module will feature the ability to independently fulfil nearly every customer order processed in the centre for added speed and agility as e-Commerce demand continues to grow. Following implementation, GEODIS is expected to move approximately 850,000 e-Commerce units per day on behalf of the national retailer.

“GEODIS’ investment in KNAPP’s technology demonstrates our ongoing commitment to offering our customers innovative solutions that best meet their needs, address challenges and optimise existing capabilities,” said Kevin Stock, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Solutions at GEODIS in Americas. “Our collaboration with KNAPP will enable us to be agile enough to execute e-commerce orders on high-velocity items even quicker while delivering excellent customer service to ensure shipments are received as soon as possible.”

The project will include a unique combination of multiple KNAPP technologies. Specifically, the site will feature 10 aisles of the OSR Shuttle Evo, an all-in-one automatic storage and picking system. The facility will also consist of 20 double Fastbox order sequencing towers, which is a fast storage and buffer tower with an integrated lift system, that will be connected with 40 high-performance Pick-it-Easy workstations. Pick-it-Easy workstations reduce the number of highly repetitive, strenuous tasks while boosting efficiency in order processing and quality of deliveries and services. Finally, the project will include automated shipping carton erectors and height-reducing carton closers to expedite the fulfilment process.

“The solution developed in collaboration with GEODIS and KNAPP engineers is specifically designed to address key strategic and growth factors resulting from the rapid growth in e-Commerce demand,” said Jusuf Buzimkic, Chief Sales Officer of KNAPP. “The technology platform will reduce the challenge of hard-to-find labour, while simultaneously delivering a solution that is flexible, scalable and minimises the variable cost per order.”

The project will use a conveyor network that speeds facility performance and responds quickly to customer orders, which together with other KNAPP technologies consume less energy and are more efficient than traditional fulfilment centres. The entire system will be managed by the KNAPP KiSoft Warehouse Control System.

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