Hai Robotics supplies Winit’s UK warehouse with fulfilment solution

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Hai Robotics, a producer of autonomous case-handling robotic (ACR) systems, has announced its first project in the UK with Chinese cross-border warehouse operator Winit, ahead of the holiday shopping parcel delivery rush.

The warehouse owner Winit is a Shanghai-based provider of overall solutions for cross-border e-commerce and runs overseas warehousing and distribution services in Australia, the US and in several European countries. With the project going live, it said it saw its warehouse throughput spike, which enabled it to deal with the inrushing order-fulfilment requests for cross-border warehousing and logistics from merchants around the world, driven by the online shopping boom since the Covid-19 lockdown.

Haipick A42 robots allow picking and sorting with eight loads in one movement, one worker can handle 450 pieces of goods per hour, which is up to four times faster than manual work. The solution has also improved storage density by 130% with spaces from 0.25m-to-6.5m-high being fully utilised. The Haipick system, which supports intelligent totes identification and labels reading, boasts 99.99% picking and sorting accuracy, according to the project.

Kane Luo, vice president of sales from Hai Robotics, said that customised plan was made for the project to improve performance, including elevated storage density and innovative workflows to facilitate necessary manual work.

“We were primarily obliged to provide ACR system. However, we’ve taken into consideration the whole process from inbounds to packaging of outbound goods. The workstations were also ergonomically redesigned according to overseas standards,” he said.

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