HEMA invests in AI to transform supply chain

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European retailer HEMA has invested in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology from JDA and Blue Yonder to transform its retail supply chain.

It will use JDA Luminate Demand Edge, a cognitive SaaS solution that uses machine-learning algorithms to develop accurate demand forecasts, and JDA Fulfilment which position the right inventory in the right distribution centres and stores at the right time using real-world demand signals.

The technologies will help the retailer make more informed, risk-aware business decisions and expand profits and increase product availability and reduce inventory throughout its supply chain to support its sustainability goals.

JDA will also help the retailer to automate forecasts that self-adjust and learn while considering influencing factors such as weather, promotions, holidays, day of week/month/year etc. It will help to calculate a probabilistic demand forecast which includes business impact and risk, improve the initial buying process and improve vendor collaboration, generate orders that maximise customer service with minimal inventory, and provide supply chain visibility with accurate projections of inventory, purchases, warehouse flow and transport needs.

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