HMRC to extend Transitional Simplified Procedures

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HMRC is extending the Transitional Simplified Procedures in the event of no-deal Brexit, so that the date the first supplementary customs declarations must be submitted, and any import duties must be paid, is 4th October.

The TSP will be available to all ports. Once a registered for TSP, businesses it will be able to transport goods from the EU into the UK without needing to pay full customs declarations at the border or pay import duties straight away.

The British International Freight Association, which originally criticised the Transitional Simplified Procedures in February, welcomed the news of the extension of the deadline. BIFA also welcomed “the news that TSP will be available for any port or airport where goods are being brought into the UK from the EU, not just ro-ro ports,” said director general Robert Keen. “But most importantly, we are pleased that HMRC has agreed to allow freight forwarders to operate TSP on behalf of their clients.”

BIFA said that the extension provides more time for preparations, fully test the systems, establish the communication links between the parties involved in the processes, and make sure that everyone concerned is aware of their responsibilities.

“This is a very significant easement of policy and one for which BIFA, among others, lobbied hard to ensure all modes were treated equally. It should be noted that much confusion and effort could have been saved if Government had consulted with the trade in the first place,” said Keen.

“By allowing freight forwarders to operate TSP, the extension recognises the critical role that the freight forwarder plays as an intermediary in the UK’s supply chain,” he concluded.

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