Hörmann UK reassures on supply; introduces social distancing measures

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Industrial doors specialist Hörmann UK has said it still has full supply of all its domestic and industrial products from factories in German, despite the impact of COVID-19.

The company said that while restrictions had  been placed on certain borders out of Germany, it had not resulted in any of its products being stopped, or held up.

It said that for its domestic customers, it still had additional stock in reserve, while for industrial customers, it was ensuring that all finished product was being immediately shipped from its factories.

In a letter to customers Wolfgang Gorner, MD of Hörmann UK, said: “Following the guidance of the government, WHO and NHS, we have implemented strict quarantine rules for all drivers delivering to our headquarters in Coalville. This will reduce the interaction with staff on site, minimising the potential risk of infection spread.

“Working closely with our partner, Sanderson Transport, drivers operating out of Coalville are also following strict hygiene procedures to further reduce potential risk.”

Alongside introducing social distancing measures, all of its sales staff have been instructed to prioritise other methods of communication over face to face meetings, where possible, while all of its domestic field engineers have also been recalled to ensure it adequately minimises the risk of infection.

Gorner said: “These processes will ensure that as a business we can continue to provide our customers with the same level of support, whilst simultaneously safeguarding their health and wellbeing, along with our suppliers and employees.”

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