Hunts makes it four for Thorworld

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Hunts Foodservice, has purchased its fourth Thorworld Industries’ loading bay solution which has been installed at its site at Fareham in Hampshire.

The company bought its first Thorworld ramp with fixed loading platform and dock leveller in 2016 for use at its Sherborne warehouse. Since then it has installed a further two fixed ramps at its sites at Stalbridge and Hazelbury Bryan.

The Fareham ramp is the same design at the Sherborne unit.

Operations director Thomas Hunt says: “A key reason for wanting a fixed loading platform and dock leveller, as opposed to a standard ramp, was so our forklift could safely enter and load lorry containers. This would enable pallets to be ‘double stacked’, rather than simply placed into lorries at a single level; better use space, improving efficiencies and reducing our firm’s carbon footprint.”

Thorworld agent Loading Bay Service (LBS), made an onsite visit to discuss exact requirements and design a solution that would meet Hunt’s precise needs.

The apparatus designed, would enable direct forklift access, and subsequently the ability to double stack the pallets.

“After installation, we were immediately able to use 89 per cent of our lorries’ internal space as opposed to 40 or 50 per cent. Fitting more products in one container has saved fuel and transport costs and reduced working hours for staff. Furthermore, we’re able to run just one forklift, which can operate in both the warehouse and inside the containers, as opposed to one vehicle in each.

“We’re delighted to welcome an additional fixed loading platform and dock leveller at our Hampshire operation,” Thomas continues, “which we’re confident will achieve equal results to the equipment in Sherborne; and the apparatus in Hazelbury Bryan and Stalbridge is also proving its abilities superbly.”

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