Hydrogen Transit eligible for Congestion Charge discount

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A 2.2L Ford transit, converted to duel fuel by ULEMCo, is eligible for a 100 per cent London Congestion Charge discount.

Liverpool base ULEMCo retrofits vehicles, starting with diesel Ford Transit vans to enable them to run on commercially available hydrogen.

ULEMCo said it had been told by Transport for London that the van would be entitled to a full discount because it had emissions of less than 75g/km – which meets TFL’s criteria for exemption.

ULEMCo’s emissions test result showed that the converted vehicle had emissions of just 59g/km, the van was also 78 per cent better on carbon monoxide than the Euro standard. Subject to TFL’s annual confirmation, the discount will apply to any vehicles of the same engine or type converted by ULEMCo.

“We are delighted that our Ford Transit conversion has been recognised by TfL as eligible for the Congestion Charge discount”, said Amanda Lyne, CEO of ULEMCo. “As far as we know, this is the first vehicle in this type (1.8-3.5t) that meets both air quality and carbon emission requirements in London, and will provide our customers with a significant incentive to make the conversion, beyond the motive of environmental responsibility”.

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