iForce has 57.8 pc growth in 2015

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iForce says it had record-breaking year-on-year growth of 57.8 per cent in the number of items it picked for customers of its retail clients last year. During peak trading, items ordered online were up 24 per cent on 2014.

In 2015, it fulfilled 82.2 million items – compared to 52 million in 2014.

“iForce has been able to enjoy its most successful and profitable year to date, boosted by continued growth with our existing retail clients and new contract wins,” said Brian Gaunt, iForce CEO.

“During 2016 we will continue to focus on what we do best; offering retailers innovative software led solutions to the ever changing challenges of modern commerce through iForce Gateway (fufilment), iForce Revive (returns processing) and iForce Pathfinder (carrier management).

Returns growth an “increasing concern”

iForce also saw a 13.5 per cent year on year growth in the number of returned items processed – a figure which concerns the company’s CEO.

“The level of returns springing out of the growth of multi-channel retailing is becoming an increasing concern to retailers as consumers move from trying items out in store to trying them at home and then returning items they don’t want,” said Gaunt. “Processing as many of these returned items efficiently and quickly to allow the retailer to sell at full sale cost is of paramount importance for the online and digital sales channels to become profitable.”





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