Interroll launches Pallet Control 6000

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Interroll has launched a decentralised control and drive solution for zero pressure pallet conveyance.

The new Pallet Control 6000 control unit is a key component of the complete solution, which also includes the conveyor rollers, the MultiControl and the Interroll Pallet Drive. It allows the use of 400V AC drive technology.

It said the new solution makes uninterrupted, trouble-free material flow easier to achieve.

“Until now, zero pressure pallet conveyance usually involved great costs using programmable logic controller software and additional pneumatics to ensure an automated flow of goods at the transfer points to, for example, the stacking machines or lifts in the warehouse. However, the solution from Interroll eliminates the need for centralised PLC cabling and PLC programming. The new control unit serves as a link between the drive and Interroll’s proven MultiControl, which again provides the complete logic for zero-pressure conveyance.”

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