IntraLogisteX conference: day one

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The IntraLogisteX exhibition will take place on the 26 – 28 February at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry and will feature a comprehensive conference agenda with 20 experts sharing their knowledge of how to use the latest technology to ensure you stay competitive.

Sessions start at 10:30 and will include presentations from Lucas Systems, BOARD, Pierau Planung, OrderWise, Access Group, AutoStore, SPAR International and many more.

Day one agenda is as follows:

10:30 Dynamic Work Optimisation and Intelligent Slotting in the DC

  • Labour is the largest operating cost in most DCs and traveling between locations often accounts for as much as 50 per cent of labour time.
  • Lucas’ Dynamic Work Optimisation (DWO) tool reduces travel time by up to 70 per cent, resulting in increased productivity and lower labour costs.
  • The presentation will highlight how DWO achieves this, along with using Intelligent Slotting algorithms to further reduce travel and increase pick-density.

James Hart, Business Development Manager, Lucas Systems

11:00 Too Many Spreadsheets? Is There a Better Way?

  • Highlight some key areas where working with multiple spreadsheets can hold your business back
  • Outline what alternatives there are and give some real-life examples of how much time you can save if you break free from spreadsheets

Gavin Clark AMCILT, Logistics and Distribution Specialist, BOARD MIT

11:30 Logistics IQ – The intelligence test for your fulfilment. Analyse – Optimise – Compare

  • Discuss factors in a company’s logistics performance that cannot be influenced
  • How do you stay competitive if you cannot control them?
  • Discuss methods to compensate any disadvantage, and convert it to your advantage
  • Pierau Planung shows how existing logistics can be objectively evaluated and in turn made “smarter”

Ric Nuttall, Head of UK, Pierau Planung

12:00 Preparing your business for the Robotics Revolution – How to compete through cost effective warehouse automation

  • What are the challenges businesses face and how can warehouse automation help overcome them
  • Reducing cost per order fulfilled while increasing fulfilment speeds and accuracy
  • Why warehouse automation is becoming essential for businesses of all sizes

Jon Roberts, Senior Sales Manager, OrderWise

12:30 Not every cloud (WMS) has a silver lining

  • Cloud v on-premise – which is right for you?
  • What is the cloud and why is it important to define it?
  • Weigh up the pro and cons of on-premise vs cloud
  • Questions to ask when choosing which deployment will work for your warehouse management software

Rob Hodgson, WMS Specialist, Access Group

13:00 Returns Optimisation

  • Prevention is better than cure: the minimisation of returns.
  • Methods, techniques and technologies to maximise revenue, minimise customer returns and reduce costs
  • Handling returns optimally across the supply chain
  • The evolution of the customer service model

Darren Hall, Owner, Scoptima Ltd

13:30 AutoStore cube storage solution, increasing space and picking efficiency

  • Increasing storage density with AutoStore
  • Increasing picking efficiency with AutoStore
  • AutoStore Black Line- UK launch of the new solution line from AutoStore

James Smith, Business Director, AutoStore System Limited – UK and Ireland

14:00 The process of customer delivery demands

  • Why are customers’ expectations so important in the retail industry?
  • How do retailers meet the demands of customers?
  • Explore what retailers are doing to meet the changing customer expectation

Tom Rose, Head of International Operations, SPAR International

14:30 Final Mile e-retail challenge, sustainability and the next generation workforce

  • Supply chain – logistics, e-retail and what is this thing called Express
  • Pineapple from Costa Rica to home delivery
  • Perception of free home delivery

Carl Lomas MBE, Institute of Couriers chair and fellow in logistics University of Derby

15:00 End of Day


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