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Latest generation chargers launched

Hawker Traction now has available the latest generation of its smart multi-function high-frequency (HF) chargers for industrial truck batteries. The new chargers in the company’s LifePlus and Powertech ranges employ advanced ergonomics and are user-friend

Picker offers speed, safety and comfort

Still’s latest low level order picker, the CS-20, features a new multi-functional control element – the Cockpit – which combines all the CS’ control and operating functions immediately before the operator and within fingertip reach.

3PL promises supply chain quality

Bibby Distribution has secured a new five-year contract with Marley Floors, a leading floor covering manufacturer in the UK specialising in the provision of aesthetic, high performance products with broad colour palettes.

In the public interest

The public sector is the supply chain’s final frontier but managers are beginning to face up to the task of reform. The stakes are high, but so are the possible gains.

Totally fulfilling

Many manufacturers and distributors have, historically, treated fulfilment as quite separate and distinct from their traditional and more established logistics processes.

Resilience – surviving the unthinkable

In a stable, predictable and benign environment that might well be so, but we live in uncertain times. For many organisations their trading environment spans continents, cultures, and a multitude of political, economic and regulatory unknowns.

Plastic crates improves workflow

ABC SPAX, which manufactures a wide range of precision screws, has adopted using plastic crates from Allibert Buckhorn at its UK distribution centre located in Cannock, Staffordshire.

Licensing scheme to eliminate cowboys

The RTITB has introduced a new system of licensing for forklift truck operators and other mechanical handling equipment drivers. Called the National Operator Registration Scheme (NORS), the new scheme is designed to cover a multitude of areas including:

Additional bridging helps storage products

As a leading provider of extraordinary packaging solutions, Pactiv Jiffy products have become synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation, and the Jiffy brand has become a household name.

MBS develops automation solution

Offering further evidence of the strength and ongoing innovation in its supply chain management (SCM) strategy, Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) has unveiled a pilot project it developed in alliance with KiMs.

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