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In the public interest

The public sector is the supply chain’s final frontier but managers are beginning to face up to the task of reform. The stakes are high, but so are the possible gains.

Strapping machine offers flexibility

Mosca Direct has produced its widest ever strapping machine, in a bespoke solution for leading furniture manufacturer Alstons that gives the company the flexibility to strap its full range of products.

Fuel savings for SPL

Producing body and pressing for the automotive industry is and integral part of the supply chain process and nobody is more acutely aware of this than Swindon Pressings (SPL), part of BMW’s operation in the UK.

Totally fulfilling

Many manufacturers and distributors have, historically, treated fulfilment as quite separate and distinct from their traditional and more established logistics processes.

Better flexibility and handling

A high-capacity garment storage system by SDI Greenstone has been integrated into a new 88,000sq m distribution warehouse at Mexborough.

Fast payback on investment

Two new Wave work assist vehicles from Crown have brought about safer, more productive order picking routines for staff at the Warrington warehouse complex of Weldspares-OKI, the welding equipment and tools supplier.

Pushback racking eases stock control

Dynamic Systems says its Trojan pallet pushback system provides “dramatic and measurable” improvements in stock control plus fast payback times.

Resilience – surviving the unthinkable

In a stable, predictable and benign environment that might well be so, but we live in uncertain times. For many organisations their trading environment spans continents, cultures, and a multitude of political, economic and regulatory unknowns.

Latest generation chargers launched

Hawker Traction now has available the latest generation of its smart multi-function high-frequency (HF) chargers for industrial truck batteries. The new chargers in the company’s LifePlus and Powertech ranges employ advanced ergonomics and are user-friend

Plastic crates improves workflow

ABC SPAX, which manufactures a wide range of precision screws, has adopted using plastic crates from Allibert Buckhorn at its UK distribution centre located in Cannock, Staffordshire.

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