IPP to trial Internet of Things technology

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Pallet pooling business IPP is set to work with Dutch Internet of Things business, Global Tracks to digitise the movement of wooden pallets.

The trial will look to provide data every time a pallet is used giving insight into asset damage, usage and loss.

Eric Schrover, chief commercial officer at IPP, said: “In a re-use model it’s vitally important that we maximise recovery of pallets in a timely way – it’s what we do as poolers.

“At any given time, millions of pallets are being processed across the breadth of many supply chains and any inefficiency in a pooling model can mean enormous loss of value.

“We expect that Global Tracks will be instrumental in helping us to access such insight as part of our wider digitalisation ambition.”

Ralf Heeremans, chief executive of Global Tracks, said: “The potential of IoT is not limited to high-tech companies. Working with IPP, we believe the humble pallet, which has been in use since the 1940s, is well placed to face the challenge of entering the 21st century through the optimisation of efficiencies to help shape the future of material handling, storage and distribution.”

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