JWT increases capacity at Liverpool

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Container haulage company JWT Haulage has increased its storage capacity by 4-5 acres at the Port of Liverpool to support shipments by major retail clients such as B&M, and to provide transport and storage for major shipping lines coming into the port.

The increased storage capacity will enable JWT to handle larger volumes of goods for distribution to stores across the UK more efficiently. Liverpool’s central location allows JWT to minimise its carbon footprint. “Our close working relationship with JWT Haulage is helping to put goods on the shelves of leading retailers with lower costs, carbon emissions and congestion,” said Peel Ports principal surveyor Patrick Hughes.

Jerome Wildsmith, head of supply chain at B&M, said: “This is a positive step which will not only allow us to grow and increase our own import capacity at the Port of Liverpool, but will benefit many companies in the North West.”

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