Konecrane supplies Weserport with harbour crane

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Weserport has introduced a new mobile harbour crane manufactured by Konecranes to replace the gantry slewing crane previously used to handle break bulk cargo and project loads at its terminal 1.

The Konecranes Gottwald model 6 mobile harbour crane has a load-bearing capacity of 125 tonnes, which is over twice of that the previous crane used. “As a result, we can now handle individual heavy-duty items with our own equipment,” said Weserport managing director Heiner Delicat.

Weserport also uses a first generation crane for handling purposes at its terminal 4. “Its robust design and reliability, but also the price/performance ratio and the rapid availability of the newly acquired crane were persuasive arguments for us. The mobile harbour crane is also eco-efficient, as it has a new drive system,” said Delicat.

BS Handling will be exhibiting at The Robotics and Automation Exhibition which takes place at Arena MK in Milton Keynes from 10th to 11th October.

The exhibition has grown dramatically following the success of last year’s event and is on track to be three times the size.

The exhibition will also include a full conference programme Alex Harvey, head of robotics and autonomous systems at Ocado, will provide the opening keynote looking at the development of robotics in the warehouse.

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