Kremlin is under scrutiny over Crimea Bridge explosion

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After an explosion on the Kerch Bridge which connects Russia and Crimea, Putin has pointed fingers at Ukraine, however, speculation has arisen around a Russian logistics fault leading to the explosion.

Speaking to Times Radio, Major General Cross said: “At one end of the spectrum, this could have been have been Russians themselves moving explosives, ammunition, and weapons across this bridge to put extra resources into the battle around Kherson.

“There may have been some sort of explosion as a result of that. That’s not unknown.

“Part of the business of being an ATO is to ensure ammunition is moved safely. It is possible that this was an explosion of Russian military equipment being moved by the Russians.

“Whatever it was, it was a big bang because you do not bring down a modern bridge like that easily.”

Three people were killed on Saturday morning after a truck exploded on the key supply route, according to Russia’s Investigative Committee.

The investigators have also traced the truck and its owner, which was registered to Russia’s southern Krasnodar region.

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