Logistics “extremely difficult” in case of no-deal Brexit, says DHL Supply Chain Europe head

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The new head of Mainland Europe at DHL Supply Chain has said he hopes that the UK avoids no-deal Brexit, and for a deal between the UK and EU that continues to facilitate international and global trade.

Speaking exclusively to Logistics Manager Hendrik Venter, chief executive for Mainland Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: “We hope that it is not a no-deal Brexit.

“We can concur with logistics industry experts in the UK that it is going to be extremely difficult for logistics businesses and manufacturers to operate in the case of a no-deal Brexit. We hope there is a solution of a deal that will continue to facilitate international and global trade,” he added.

Hendrik Venter, chief executive for Mainland Europe, Middle East and Africa at DHL Supply Chain

Venter, who succeeded DHL Supply Chain chief executive Oscar de Bok in the role in October, said that the multinational 3PL would continue to support all of its customers, facilitate international trade and the flow of good across borders no matter what the outcome of the election in the UK this week, or any subsequent trade deals between the UK and the EU.

“We are working extensively with our customers for more than a year now to make sure we can facilitate them in different scenarios,” he said. “Where do you keep your stock? How do you manage it? Where do you anticipate potential delays at borders? Where is your supplier base? Where is your customer base and how do you manage it?”

Venter said that there had already been a Brexit impact “because customers have bought inventories in different locations and they are turning to us to manage that”.

“The concern for us is that a lot of investments are help back, and [customers]would like to optimise their supply chains and invest in automisation,” he added.

Venter’s role does not include DHL Supply Chain activities in the UK and Ireland, which is headed by José Nava.

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