Logistics operator cuts unloading time with Ekeri fleet

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Temperature controlled logistics operator M J Griffiths Transport has purchased two side opening, temperature controlled Ekeri trailers – bringing its fleet to seven. The company says that these trailers, in comparison to conventional fridge trailers, cut unloading time in half.

MJGRIFFITHSManaging director of the Lancashire based logistics company, Mick Griffiths said:

“We carry mixed loads and make multiple drops. This means that the driver needs to be able to select the right load according to each drop. With the side and rear door arrangement of these trailers he can get to any part of the load without needing to disturb the rest of the cargo. Also, the trailer can be loaded in any order and we don’t need to operate a ‘last-in-first-off’ loading system. This high degree of versatility all adds up to faster turn round, easier handling and greatly reduced cost!”

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