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Upwardly mobile

Lorry and van drivers are using mobile devices more and more to help them do their jobs better, however recent changes in the law are affecting the way they can legally be used. James Falkner reports on the pitfalls.

Peripheral Vision

Despite its position on the periphery of Europe the UK is one of the largest logistics markets in Europe with some 150 million sq m of warehouse stock. Thanks to confidence by developers in the speculative building market, coupled with an appetite by reta

DfT in environmental test

More than 7,500 distribution vehicles are taking part in an environmental survey into the transport of food and drink which began at midnight on Wednesday 7 March.

HSE withdraws advice on transporting paper

The Health and Safety Executive has withdrawn its advice booklet on the transport of paper, because it conflicts with the Departtment for Transport’s Code of Practice.

Food miles survey gains support

The UK Food and Drinks Transport Costs survey, a study commissioned by the Department for Transport, is gaining support from UK supermarkets and food manufacturers alike.

Scala to conduct ‘food miles’ survey

The Department for Transport has commissioned Scala Logistics Consulting to conduct surveys into the cost of ‘food miles’ on the environment and the UK transport system.

DfT to investigate rolling stock leases

The Department for Transport is investigating the cost of rail rolling stock leases. It is concerned that there is a lack of effective competition within the market and lack of transparency as to how leasing charges are applied.

TIF list is wish list

The Freight Transport Association has welcomed the new Transport Investment Fund (TIF) scheme from the DfT, however it warned that it does not go far enough.

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